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Portland Lighting has worked with a wide variety of businesses to ugrade them with energy-saving lighting products. The return for your investment on a retrofit project is now faster than ever, considering higher utility rates and attractive incentives from local utility companies.

Lighting manufacturers have made enormous strides in delivering new types of lamps, fixtures, ballasts and control systems that cut energy consumption while increasing light output. Building owners and tenants have an array of options to choose from as they retrofit their spaces to become more energy efficient. But enhancing a lighting system's efficiency and effectiveness requires far more than simply exchanging one type of lamp for an efficient one. In fact unless it's done well, retrofitting or replacing a lighting system may cause more problems than it solves. In the U.S., $58 billion a year is spent on lighting, with most of that being spent by businesses. It's no wonder, then, that many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs through more efficient lighting solutions.

The trained professionals at Portland Lighting can advise you regarding current incentives available from utility providers, as well as tax credits offered at both the State and Federal level. Some retrofit projects are even eligible for financing.

Call Portland Lighting today and they will develop an upgraded lighting plan tailored to fit your company's needs, without interrupting your business or production process.

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